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Our Story

We believe in experiencing the pleasure of great food while benefitting your health, the environment and all who inhabit our beautiful planet.

Our team uses fresh, seasonal, and local (when possible) vegetables to develop dishes from familiar favorites to unique, plant-centric creations. You might find your bacon is made from mushrooms, and your miso cod is made from eggplant, but you won't miss anything. 


Our goal is to provide you an amazing experience and wonderful meal.

We invite you to eat plants, and feel beautiful.

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Founder's story

Growing up with horses, our founder CD Young has always felt a strong connection to animals. Feeling happier, healthier and more energetic after becoming vegan, she wanted to share plant-based food alternatives with as many people as possible. The best news? It's delicious.

We are so excited for you to taste and experience the power of plant-based food.​​


Welcome in!

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