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Our Story

Eating plant-based has come a long way since the days of plain tofu and beans. At Spirit Elephant, we pride ourselves on the reactions of folks who come thinking vegan food can’t be delicious, satisfying or memorable. In our restaurant,  this myth is shattered every day, and we delight in hearing people say they had no idea that eating vegan could be like this.

With plenty of protein, incredible flavors, and the beauty only plants can provide, Executive Chef Esparza has developed a seasonal menu that must be tried to be believed. Our team is at the forefront of creativity and innovation in the plant-based food space. We create shrimp from mushrooms, and chicken from banana blossoms and you won’t miss the meat. Every sense is treated to a memorable experience.

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Founder’s Story

Founder CD Young started Spirit Elephant because of her close connection to animals. After discovering how they are treated in modern agriculture, she became vegan. Following that transition, she discovered that she not only felt better and  had more energy, she was surprised that health markers such as calcium and iron improved.  During this  time there was a huge amount of data coming to light about the severe environmental damage caused by animal ag and how eating more plant-based can save enormous amounts of water, CO2, grain, pollution, trees and of course, animals. All the positive effects from becoming plant-based compelled her to want to share the beauty of eating plants with as many people as possible. Spirit Elephant was born!

We welcome you to our restaurant with open arms regardless of what your food preferences are, and we are so excited for you to taste and experience what plant-based eating is all about–delicious food that makes you feel beautiful.

​Welcome in!

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924 Green Bay Road,
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